trading card game / 6.3x8.8 cm per card

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With additional drawings from: Nicola Falco, Kim Yu-jin, Till Sutor, and Yannick Averdiek (who also wrote his own texts).

cArtists is a collection of 180 buyable trading cards which follow a non-disclosed set of rules, turning the act of purchasing and opening a booster pack, being excited for its contents, and picking one's favorite solely based on factors like personal taste and trends in a fandom, into a performative art experience centered around a piece of media oftentimes perceived as solely consumerist. Each of the 36 original packs contains 5 cards, one of which has been hand-colored, which makes it the "rare", a staple idea of increasing the value of certain trading cards by limiting their print runs, creating artificial scarcity; only that in this case, extra effort was put into making these rares.

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