transl. 'negentropy' / 2-channel installation / 20:30 / dimensions vary / text overlay: german

Two screens.
On the left side, for a duration of twenty minutes, a destroyed bookcase is emptied, cleaned and put back together. The knife, the pieces of broken glass and the gloves indicate a preceding catastrophe, which is ratified in the right screen: More strange scenes in the same apartment are cleaned up, from time to time interrupted by photographs of drawings which show rooms in desolate states.
The text overlay on the right screen now spans multiple narrations: It tells of one's own difficulties to maintain order, which however disappeared after the last change of house; the responsibility one now has over someone else's disorder; and lastly, it exemplifies the laws of thermodynamics, explains the process of entropy and how this continuously rising disorder will eventually lead the universe to collapse and into chaos.
"Negentropy" on the other hand is a term coined by Erwin Schrödinger in his book What is Life? which defines the unique quality of being able to restore order as inherent to anything alive.

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The drawings accompany the installation and are also used in the films themselves.
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