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Fundamente is an interactive, fully playable installation comprised of 15+ different board games.
A universal theme, almost Utopian promise, of all things games, is that the world makes sense. That it has rules, is comprehensible, that there is a plan, that interests are monocausal, that there is clear structure and some linearity to events. Even if there is randomness, it is a 'good', non-biased randomness. In fact, these qualifiers are factors used to measure the overall quality of a game: Is it well-designed? Then it must abide by such design rules.
Fundamente plays with this central theme. Cities show up multiple times in different settings. Some goods and players have been glued to the board and cannot be removed. Parts of the board are inaccessible. The players, whose playing materials are hidden in highly nonlinearly numbered boxes, are completely unevenly matched. While the game comes with the cut-up and re-assembled rules of the board games used to create it, even those make little sense on their own. There is no clear goal or strategy. Therefore, every playthrough depends on the people playing on the board. They have to negotiate their goals, their rules, and their stories. Hints are given in the boxes on how to play their specific set up, but some of them do indeed lead nowhere.

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