Game Boards

mixed media installation(s) / dimensions vary

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Image by Gabriel S. Anastasescu & Borys Mysakovych
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Image by Yannick Averdiek

These game boards, 5 of which are acrylic on wood, the rest being watercolor/felt pen drawings and linocuts on paper, are based on both design and board game history. Made to be used during exhibitons, they carry signs of their usage from show to show. Looking like imoerfect game boards and shoddy abstract art at the same time, but not coming with any rules, visitors are invited to play games on them with the provided (or their own) material: cubes, shapes, dice, wooden meeple, glass stones. While usually first met with hesitation, being placed on tables or the floor, they quickly become gathering places and a chance to enjoy art by eliminating the distance usually put between visitor and artwork.

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